Four Seasons Hualalai Sunday Brunch - 2013

Yesterday I had the great fortune to have Sunday Brunch at the Four Season Hualalai on the Big Island of Hawaii. I had previously visited a couple of years ago.

The brunch view looking over the ocean is amazing and the food is great as well. One of the high points from my last visit was a Macadamia Cinnamon roll. I couldn't wait to have one again.

I eagerly snapped one up for the first coffee of the day! Sadly the recipe has changed. It appears that a basic cinnamon roll is cooked over a bed of macadamia nuts. While good.... they not as amazing as they were before.

I have worked out the old recipe and will publish it when I come home.
Four Seasons Hualalai - Sunday Brunch
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Four Seasons Hualalai - The view from the table....

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