Kamuela Provision Company - Hilton Waikoloa Big Island of Hawaii

On Saturday night we found ourselves at the Hilton Waikoloa around dinner time. We though we might check out the food offerings.

While wandering we ended up in a tower lobby and asked a concierge to book us a table at one of the restaurants. She tried to get us into the Kamuela Provision Company. Her system showed they were completely full

We made our way to the restaurant anyway. Once there we checked at the hostess desk and were advised they were indeed completely full. They did offer us a spot on the small deck that was serviced by the lounge. Perfect we thought.

The deck had 6 tables and looked out over the bay. We were sat just as the sun was setting. We couldn't have planned it better.

Dessert was pretty great. We ended up ordering a baked Mauna Kea and a Coconut Creme Brulee.
Hilton KPC - Baked Mauna Kea
Hilton KPC - Coconut Creme Brulee - in a coconut shell

More pictures form the rest of dinner after the jump.....
Hilton KPC
Hilton KPC - Shrimp Cocktail
Hilton KPC - Kalbi Short Rib
Hilton KPC - Steak with Spinach
Hilton KPC - Dessert Menu
Hilton KPC - Sunset with a whale show.

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