The Kitchen Tip that WILL Change Your Baking Life

About a month ago I came across The Great British Bake Off.... After a couple of weeks of watching almost all of the episodes (I haven't been able to see the Great British Wedding Cake episode yet) I came away with both ideas and tips.

There is one tip that WILL CHANGE YOUR BAKING LIFE!!!!
Getting butter to room temperature is always tricky. It is tough to remember to take the butter out of the fridge the night before or in enough time for it to soften properly. A microwave will help, but this method is fraught with timing problems and you never do get the butter to quite the right consistency for baking.

During the series Mary Berry - one of the GBB judges - provided the baker's life changing tip:
This method works perfectly!!! Thank you Mary!

Butter Cubes in Warm Water for 10 Minutes

Mary  Berry's latest book:

Great British Bake Off - How to Bake

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